Increase efficiency by consolidating physical servers onto virtual infrastructure


Reliable server hardware from HP with Proliant servers.


Protection from hacking to malicious software and viruses with best practice security systems.

Business Solutions

Robust business systems from a variety of leading vendors.


Fast and secure networking solutions using industry leading hardware.


From a small NAS device to enterprise grade Storage Area Networks.


Toltec have been providing infrastructure solutions to businesses for over 16 years. Today IT infrastructure has become so key in our every day activities that it drives most of our business processes and most of us don’t even know it’s there.


We are experts in providing infrastructure systems that enable you to communicate effectively and efficiently. Toltec can guide you in the right direction when it comes to email systems, network connectivity


Data is becoming a problem for businesses. Every system that drives our business generates data, and of course the more of these systems that we implement, the more data is generated. This data needs protecting to ensure business remain operational in the face of failures or disasters. We can guide you towards the correct solution, whether that be daily tape backups or a clustered SAN.


Toltec was formed by initially implementing solutions in preparation of EPR providers installing financial systems.


Many businesses are now moving to hardware virtualisation. This ables them too consolidate resources of several under utilised servers onto one or multiple fully utilised servers. Reducing running costs and TCO by decreasing power usage and the initial capital outlay.

Network & Security

At Toltec, Security is at the heart if what we do. The rest of our solutions are nothing (well almost) if we don’t put in the correct security to protect it from unwanted threats such hackers, malicious software and viruses. Not to mention internal threats. By utilising enterprise grade, industry standard solutions, any system we implement will be as secure as your budget allows.

Disaster Recovery

With businesses becoming more reliant on IT systems, it’s no surprise that disaster recovery has become more prominent in recent years. Toltec are able to provide a number of disaster recovery systems to suit a number of scenarios, whether they be on site or offsite at a dedicated datacenter facility. Being accredited to ISO27001 standards means we’re fully aware of what is required to protect your data. Not only does a DR solution protect your business, it also satisfies those governing bodies who question the protection of your data.

Whatever your infrastructure requirements may be, you can be sure that Toltec can guide you in the right direction.

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