There is a host of various connectivity options available to businesses now: gone are the days where dial up and ADSL were the only options. Now businesses have to choose ADSL, Fibre to the cabinet, Fibre to the premises, leased lines, wireless leased lines, the list goes on.

Toltec has partnerships with various Internet Service Providers, allowing us to help you select the most suitable connection for your business’s needs.

We’re also able to advise on telephony matters and can help you deal with phone providers to make sure you’re not bamboozled into making the wrong decision.

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Wide Area Networks

Connect multiple sites with a Wide Area Network.

Wireless Leased Line

Leased line technology without the hassle and cost of running cables under the road.

Leased Lines

High speed internet access up to 10gbps, with guaranteed SLA’s from the ISP.

Fibre Broadband

High speed broadband, suitable for most small businesses.

Structured Cabling

Supply and fit of Cat5e and Cat6 structured cabling.

SIP Trunks

Connect your phone system to the PSTN via your broadband, ethernet or leased line circuit.

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